the chemistry of friendship
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The Chemistry of Friendship

In my down-time from translating, I often find myself reading a lot about language, culture, and the human experience. I stumbled across this lovely little excerpt in a blog post about an unlikely friendship forged between and elderly woman and a young writer. They were two souls who recognized each other among the noisy, restless, endless masses; they knew right away that they were kindred spirits, and they didn’t give a hoot if the rest of the world didn’t know quite what to make of them. We should all be so lucky as to find friendships that pure.

the chemistry of friendship

Anyway, the excerpt struck me, so as a little extra translation practice, I decided to translate it.

El porqué de nuestras risitas no te lo podría decir. Muchas veces nuestra felicidad parece ser avivada por el profundo deleite de encontrarnos juntos. La amistad, como su primo ostentoso, el amor, puede ser extremadamente químico y, como el amor, puede suceder en tan solo un instante.

Suggestions and/or corrections are welcome. There’s always an opportunity to learn and grow, especially when translating into one’s B language.

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