The Transplanted Translator

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La Traductora Trasplantada

Es curioso cómo el miedo y la inseguridad cambian tu percepción del mundo. Trabajan en conjunto como los dos lentes de unos anteojos dañinos, alterando el destinatario de la mirada hasta que parece ser torcido, borroso y teñido de un tono enfermizo. Me quedé mirando el paisaje que pasaba por la ventana. Cada vez nos… Continue reading La Traductora Trasplantada

the chemistry of friendship
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The Chemistry of Friendship

In my down-time from translating, I often find myself reading a lot about language, culture, and the human experience. I stumbled across this lovely little excerpt in a blog post about an unlikely friendship forged between and elderly woman and a young writer. They were two souls who recognized each other among the noisy, restless,… Continue reading The Chemistry of Friendship

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Know What You’re Looking For

When in the market for professional language services, it helps to know what you're shopping for. At the very least, familiarizing yourself with the correct terminology can cut down your search time; at the most, it can help you locate a professional who is well-versed and experienced in her field. It goes without saying that… Continue reading Know What You’re Looking For

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The Transplanted Translator

It's funny how fear and insecurity change how you see the world. They work together like two lenses in a destructive pair of glasses, turning the once vibrant recipient of your gaze into a tainted version of its former self, twisted, blurred, and colored in a sickly hue. I watched the landscape dance past my… Continue reading The Transplanted Translator